PassFab for Excel Review: All Your Concerns Are Covered Here

PassFab for Excel review

Do you want to try PassFab for Excel to remove or recover your Excel password? Are you still hesitating to purchase this paid software? I’m here to share my experience, opinions, and the information I collected about PassFab for Excel so that you can make your decision easily.

My Overall PassFab for Excel Review

PassFab for Excel can remove the password protecting your worksheet and workbook, and recover the password needed to open your Excel files. It’s important not to confuse these types of passwords. Read about password recovery to learn more about them.

PassFab for Excel does well in removing the Excel password of your worksheet and workbook. It works fast, just like a one-click thing. Besides the most common Excel formats .xls, and .xlsx, it also supports .xlsm and .xlsb. Various Excel versions are also supported, including 2019, 2016, 2000, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 97, etc.

Regarding the recovery of passwords to open Excel files, they offer 3 methods. The dictionary attack works fast. If your password is not complicated, it can be recovered soon. If you have some clues about your password, such as the password length and included characters, the brute force with mask attack will work well. Regarding the brute force attack, I think it hardly works unless you are extremely lucky and you have enough time.

One of the best parts of PassFab for Excel is the safety of your files because the entire process is executed on your own computer. You don’t need to send your files or offer any password clues to others.  

Another advantage of it is the flexibility it provides. You can upload your own dictionary and create your own mask for password attacks.

The disadvantage of it is also obvious. It works on a computer, so the password-checking speed may vary, depending on the performance of the computer. However, the speed won’t be very fast, compared to the cloud-based password recovery services like LostMyPass.

To know more details, check the following sections.

Is PassFab for Excel Safe?

To be short, YES, it is safe. I downloaded it on my computer which has anti-virus software installed, and no risk was reported until now. It is a clean program without any disturbing advertising.

Since it is a desktop application, you don’t need to upload your Excel files to unknown servers. The entire process will be performed on your own computer. That guarantees the safety of your Excel files and avoids any possibility of data leakage.

Is PassFab for Excel a Scam?

It has a high possibility that PassFab is not a scam. It got a score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot based on 1616 reviews. That’s a decent rating. Like other brands on Trustpilot, PassFab also has negative reviews about its products and services. The good part is that they value customer feedback and follow up the cases timely.

PassFab score on Trustpilot

PassFab was founded in 2010. I first knew them a few years ago when they only developed some password recovery tools for documents and archives. A company that can last for more than 10 years and continuously expand its services must have a considerable scale with a reliable technical team. 

Besides, they have fast customer support service, which makes me more comfortable using their service.

Does PassFab for Excel Work?

For Excel workbook or worksheet password removal, PassFab for Excel works without a problem. However, when it comes to recovering passwords to open Excel files, it won’t 100% work.

Like most similar tools do, it offers dictionary attack, brute force attack, and brute force with mask attack.

Dictionary attack takes less time, but it can’t recover passwords for all Excel files. The dictionary contains the passwords that people usually use, so it is possible to recover some common or easy passwords. PassFab for Excel allows you to import your own dictionary, so you have more flexibility with dictionary attack.

Regarding the other attack methods, since PassFab for Excel is a desktop program and doesn’t support GPU acceleration, the speed of checking potential passwords is relatively slow. If you have read the article about password recovery, you will know that speed is one of the most important factors that determine whether your password can be recovered or not. 

As shown in the screenshot below, the password-checking speed is typically hovering around 200 passwords per second on a common home computer. A more advanced computer will have better performance. The speed can be much faster if you upload a file of an older Excel version.

Passfab for Excel password checking speed

Another important factor is the quantity of potential passwords. If you have some clues about the password, the quantity will be significantly reduced.

To sum up, the brute force with mask attack can successfully recover your password when the quantity of potential passwords is manageable. However, if you lack information about the password and the dictionary attack proves unsuccessful, the last resort is the brute force attack. It will attempt all possible passwords based on all types of characters, which is an enormous figure that your computer cannot process within a reasonable time. It may take years, or even hundreds of years.

PassFab claims that they can 100% recover Excel passwords on the introduction page and mentions a 96% success rate in the FAQs section. I don’t think they have a 100% success rate, but 96% is still pretty much high. In my opinion, their dictionary attack and brute force with mask attack are worth trying but the brute force attack is almost impossible to recover the passwords for most people.

How Long Does PassFab for Excel Take?

If you use PassFab for Excel to remove workbook or worksheet passwords, it only takes a few seconds.

If it is a password to open Excel files, the time needed is hard to say because it is related to the complexity of a password and it varies on different computers.

The dictionary attack finished soon within a few minutes. However, for brute force attack and brute force with mask attack, the time depends on all the password combinations the software needs to try in your case and the speed of trying the potential passwords which is determined by the performance of your computer and the version of your Excel.

How Much Is PassFab for Excel?

PassFab for Excel offers 3 plans: $15.95 for a month, $19.95 for a year, and $39.95 for a lifetime. The 1-month and 1-year licence is a subscription but you can cancel the subscription at any time. They don’t have limitations on the quantity of files, so it’s relatively cost-effective.

PassFab for Excel pricing

Is There Any PassFab Coupon Code?

They offer coupon codes on holidays. The discount varies. I searched for the PassFab coupon code just now (at the time I’m writing this blog), and I did find some coupon codes. Some of them do work, for example, YUKI99 and X6S-9PJ.

If you have time, you can test and use the coupon code with the highest discount. Just enter the coupon code by choosing a PassFab for Excel license on the purchasing page first and then copying and pasting the code under “Redeem Coupon Code”.

Is There Any Free Registration Code?

I didn’t see any free registration code anywhere, but there are cracked versions on the internet. I don’t recommend cracked software because you will put your computer at risk using software from an unknown source and it wastes time to test and try the cracked version all the time. Most of the time, there are only old versions of cracked software.

Does PassFab for Excel Have a Free Trial?

Not really. They have a free version to download and install, but it does nothing except for some settings. In other words, it only allows you to experience the software before you actually start recovering or removing Excel passwords.

What Is PassFab’s Refund Policy?

Refund requests will be addressed within 24 hours, and customers in eligible circumstances enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. Refer to their refund policy for details on qualifying circumstances.

Your primary concern may be whether a refund is possible if PassFab for Excel fails to function as expected. If PassFab for Excel proves ineffective and the issue cannot be resolved, a refund will be issued. It’s not an unconditional refund upon request, so consider it carefully if you want to avoid back-and-forth discussions. 

That’s my complete review of PassFab for Excel. I hope everything is clear. If not, feel free to leave a comment below.

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