100% True LostMyPass Review: Is It Legit and Safe? Does It Work?

lostmypass review

You might want to recover the password of Excel/Word/PowerPoint documents, or Rar/Zip/7z archives, so you searched for LostMyPass review and arrived here. In this article, I will explain all you may want to know about LostMyPass, so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

My Overall LostMyPass Review

After testing so many programs and online tools, I would say LostMyPass is the password recovery tool I recommend most for unlocking password-protected Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and Rar/Zip files. I’m not saying it works in any case, but it would be my first option when I need to crack the password of the mentioned files.

Password recovery is not a thing with a 100% success rate, but it is more possible with LossMyPass because it offers cloud recovery service which is much faster than home computers. Besides, it offers free recovery and it works for some people. In addition, it is the only tool that offers the option of paying on success. That avoids so many troubles when you’ve paid for a tool but it doesn’t work.

Do you want to know more details? Keep reading. I’ll do my best to make everything objective and also include the disadvantages of this tool, so you can make a decision easily.

Is LostMyPass Legit?

Based on all the information I collected about LostMyPass, it can be considered legit.

LostMyPass started since 2017 and their office is located at 41 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

Besides, it has a high rating of 4.9 based on 6,509 customers on Trustpilot which is a famous third-party review website and trusted by millions of people.

lostmypass trustpilot score

I also use the tool IsLegitSite to check whether lostmypass.com is legit or not. It scans lostmypass.com with multiple website blocklists, checks with the WOT database (WOT is a platform on which people rate websites) and collects other information about LostMyPass. The result as shown in the screenshot below is LostMyPass is potentially legit. Please note they don’t say 100% legit. Even apple.com gets a “Potentially Legit” result.  

islegitsite scan result of lostmypass

In conclusion, a website with 7 years of experience, a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot, and a positive result after checking with different scam databases, can be considered a legit website.

A kind reminder: please do not crack other people’s password-protected files with lostmypass.com. Otherwise, you may violate laws related to copyright. LostMyPass won’t take responsibility for that.  

Is LostMyPass Safe?

Before using any tool, whether it is an online tool or desktop software, you must be concerned about its safety. When it comes to online password unlock tools, the first concern of most people is the risk of information leakage.

Now, let me answer the question. Yes, LostMyPass is safe to use. Their customers prove that. I checked all the 1-score reviews and none of them are talking about information leakage. My personal experience also tells that.

Although the existing information on the internet shows lostmypass.com is a legit website, you may still be worried about using it because you have to upload your file to a third-party cloud service, which could be sensitive for many people.

Regarding this concern, LostMyPass uses a HTTPS protocol and encrypted storage, which ensures the confidentiality and security of your files.

If you still don’t feel comfortable about uploading your files, LostMyPass offers you an alternative option. You can send them the hash value of your file which doesn’t contain any information in your file. You need to contact customer support and they will tell you how to get the hash value.

Does LostMyPass Work?

Now you are rest assured and ready to use it? You must be curious about whether it works or not. I cannot give a short answer because this should be discussed case by case. If you understand password recovery technology, you will know that no tools can guarantee a 100% success rate.

What is for sure is that LostMyPass theoretically works better to recover passwords than software or programs because they recover passwords by cloud service. They employ a computing cluster of high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) servers of which the processing speed is hundreds or even thousands of times faster. Using cloud servers also allows for parallel processing of multiple password recovery tasks, greatly increasing the efficiency of the recovery process. Know more about LostMyPass infrastructure.

Why does cloud service matter? You have to understand what password recovery of Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and Rar/Zip archives actually means.

Due to the complicated algorithm by which these files are protected, it is almost impossible to find the password from the file itself. Therefore, the only way to recover passwords is to try all possible passwords mechanically.

Passwords consist of letters, numbers, and special signs, typically ranging from 1 to 16 characters, and even more. The possible combinations of these elements could be an enormous figure. If we say one combination is a candidate password, the process of trying all these candidate passwords is called brute force attack. The more characters your password includes, the harder it is to recover it because the quantity of the candidate passwords increases exponentially.

How can we speed up the recovery process? Here are 3 methods:

  • Use masks. If you have any clue about your password, for example, you are sure that your password only has 4 characters, or you know that your password includes your birthday, it will significantly decrease the quantity of candidate passwords. This is what we call brute force attack with a mask.
  • Use dictionary attack. It is brute force attack to some extent because it just narrows down the scale to a dictionary which is a password list with a large number of real passwords people usually use. Almost all password recovery programs or services provide a dictionary attack. This works for some people. The more passwords the dictionary has, the more possible a password can be recovered.
  • Improve the speed of password checking (check whether it works to unlock the password-protected files). Generally speaking, cloud service works faster than a home computer.

The above is all behind password recovery and it applies to all password recovery programs or services. To learn more about password recovery, check this post.

Now, let’s come back to the topic, does LostMyPass work? I don’t believe it works 100%, but I believe it has a higher recovery rate than other tools.

LostMyPass offers 3 options to recover your password and the recovery rates of the previous 2 methods are based on the cases of their users.

  • WEAK PASSWORD RECOVERY: About 22% success rate. It uses a dictionary with 3 million most popular passwords for brute force attack.
  • STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY: About 61% success rate. It uses a dictionary with 20 billion commonly used passwords for brute force attack.
  • BRUTE FORCE WITH A MASK: Claimed 100% success rate, but I think it depends on how much correct information you have about the password and the mask they create.

The advantage of LostMyPass is that they have a strong computing cluster which makes it possible to try all the candidate passwords or possible password variants when the mask is correctly created. This is what your computer hardly can do.

The screenshot below shows the result of my test. It took just one minute to crack the password. Of course, my password is relatively simple, and I didn’t use the STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY feature. However, if needed, you can also give it a try first because you only need to make the payment when the password is successfully cracked.

password recovered by lostmypass

An Important Note:

LostMyPass only recovers the password needed to open your documents. I saw a few bad reviews saying it doesn’t recover the password. Please kindly note that the tool won’t recover the password that prevents you from changing or editing your documents. It only removes the password for editing and it only takes a few seconds.

How Do You Use LostMyPass?

For WEAK PASSWORD RECOVERY and STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY, you just need to upload your file and wait for it to work on its own. If you want to remove the permission passwords (for editing) of your files, you can just use the WEAK PASSWORD RECOVERY. Your files can be edited soon for free.

For BRUTE FORCE WITH A MASK, you need to provide some clues about your password and contact the support team to customize the service. They will create masks and run the service to test all the possible passwords. Only if you offer the correct masks and the number of the candidate passwords is not out of their ability, your password can be recovered.

What’s not that good is that you need to contact technical support if your file exceeds 100MB or your file formats are not supported. The file types supported are doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, PDF, rar, zip, and 7z files.

For any other service that is not provided on the website, you need to contact their technical support.

How Long Does LostMyPass Take to Recover Password?

The time it takes depends on which option you are using. Here is the estimated time for reference:

  • WEAK PASSWORD RECOVERY: About a few minutes.
  • BRUTE FORCE WITH A MASK: Uncertain. It depends on the complexity of the mask.

For most people, the previous 2 methods may be enough, so the time LostMyPass takes is usually bearable.

What’s the Price of LostMyPass?

Except for its powerful password recovery ability, I like their charging strategy the most. It is the only tool that comes with a truly free trial and offers a paid-on-success service. Let me show you the pricing:

  • STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY — Start from 29 USD and vary according to the file type.
  • BRUTE FORCE WITH A MASK — Payment not set. They need to calculate the total number of candidate passwords based on the mask you provide and tell you how much it costs you.
lostmypass pricing

If you are lucky, you don’t need to pay even a penny to recover your password. This is why I always recommend that you try this tool first. However, if you need to recover the passwords of several files and they were not recovered by the week password recovery option, then it will be very expensive because it charges at least 29 USD for one file. Below is the pricing of STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY.

strong password recovery pricing

As for the permission password that prevents you from editing Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, LostMyPass removes the password within a few seconds for free. That’s great.

What Is the Refund Policy of LostMyPass?

They will usually try to resolve the problem first if your password recovered is incorrect. If they fail to solve the problem, they will issue a refund within 3 business days. This only applies to STRONG PASSWORD RECOVERY.

If you submit a customized request for BRUTE FORCE WITH A MASK, a file format that is not included in the supported format list, or other customized services, they don’t offer a refund because they cannot guarantee 100% success although a strictly defined amount of work has been invested.

How Is LostMyPass Customer Service?

I tried to talk to LostMyPass support team through the online ticket. They responded quickly and professionally. Their reply was straightforward to your question with no templated words.

Just like their replies on Trustpilot, as you can see, they don’t talk in circles but may sound not gentle.

That’s all my review on LostMyPass. Hopefully, your password has been recovered with the free option. If you have anything to share, write a comment below.

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Michael Yang

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