About us

Hello! Welcome to ClarifyHow.com.

As the domain of our website shows, we aim to clarify how to deal with questions or problems based on our knowledge, experiences, tests, and research. Our blogs focus on digital life and we will share tips and solutions to the problems and questions about phones, computers, apps, and software.

Our Team

We have a small team with 3 writers now and we all have our day jobs. For us, writing is the enthusiasm for technology.

Michael Yang, Founder & Writer

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I’m a test engineer since 6 years ago. I have been testing different apps on phones and computers and also the performance of the devices. Due to the different purposes of the tests, I have learned a lot about phones, computers and apps.

Because of my job, I had met various problems, some caused by the tests and some not. Some could be fixed by myself or my colleagues, but some could not even after searching online because there was not enough information or just wrong information. Of course we finally resolved the problems most of the time and I shared the solutions with other colleagues. 

One of my colleagues asked me: “Why don’t you share the solutions online? It will help others with the same problem.” This was a new idea to me at that time. I liked to analyze issues and fix problems. I really enjoyed the process. I thought maybe this would be a good trial which delights myself and helps others as well.

With the encouragement of my colleagues, I finally decided to create a website to share my/our experiences and knowledge accumulated over these years. One of my colleagues, a web developer, helped me create this website. That was the start of ClarifyHow.com. 

I hope my blogs will help those who get the same problem as me, and I will keep this website as a sustainable side job.

Joel Wilson, Writer of ClarifyHow

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Joel is a fan of technology. We knew each other at a forum where we discussed a question and shared different opinions under the thread. Later, we kept in touch and finally I invited him to write here. 

Joel is an Apple fan and started using iPhone since iPhone 4. For the flexibility of Android system, he also uses Android phones. Being interesting in exploring new features, he likes to share his experiences on how to use the devices in a better way. Besides, thanks to his enthusiasm for technology, he is an expert to offer solutions for phones and computers.

Lino Sal, Writer of ClarifyHow

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Lino was an iOS developer. He now takes projects by himself and works from home. Writing articles about technology is his favorite part-time job. For most of his free time, he likes to read technology news and enjoys exploring new gadgets, apps, and software. He believes technology changes life and there should not be an obstacle for common people to use technology, so he actively shares his knowledge about phones and computers related problems.

Our Purpose

A detailed guide will be easier for people who know less about technology to follow. To make the content on our website easy to understand, we offer as much detail as we can. Also, we do our best to provide complete and comprehensive solutions, so you don’t have to keep searching online.

In a word, we hope you will benefit from what we share here.