Full Solutions to Fix “Samsung Smart Switch Stuck at 99% or 0%”

Samsung Smart Switch Stuck

If you have a Samsung smartphone and its dedicated app, Smart Switch is stuck at 99% or 0% in the middle of a task, you can try a few solutions to fix the problem. Although these troubleshooting methods may sound daunting at the first glance, they are pretty simple to follow.

Here you will find easy ways to get rid of the issue(s) that could be the reason for Smart Switch taking forever to complete the given process.

If Samsung Smart Switch Is Stuck at 99% or 0% on a PC or Mac

In this section, you will try to fix the issue with the most common solutions that have helped many users worldwide.

Solution 1: Update Smart Switch to the Latest Version

Since PC-based operating systems are usually configured to install the updates automatically, sometimes, an obsolete version of Smart Switch might not be compatible with the latest OS that your computer has. Therefore, it becomes imperative to update the app as well. The process of doing so is given below.

Note: macOS Ventura 13.1 on a MacBook Pro M1 is used here for demonstration.

  • Launch Samsung Smart Switch on your PC. (You don’t necessarily have to connect your phone to the computer for now).
  • Click Smart Switch from the left area of the menu bar.
    • Note: On Windows, launch Smart Switch, and click the More icon (with three vertical dots) from the top-right area.
  • Click Smart Switch information/check for updates from the menu that appears.
  • On the Smart Switch information box, click Software Update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from there to update the app and fix the Samsung Smart Switch taking long time issue.
  • Once the latest version of Samsung Smart Switch is installed, try using it again and see if the problem is gone.
Update Samsung Smart Switch

Solution 2: Check the USB Port

In some instances, the USB port could also get Smart Switch stuck at 99% or 0%. Therefore, you need to try connecting your Samsung smartphone to a different port and check if the Smart Switch taking forever issue is resolved.

In addition, connecting the phone to a high-speed USB port (e.g., 3.0) may also cause trouble because the cable or phone might not be capable enough to handle a high-speed transfer rate. To see if this is the case, you can try connecting your device to a 2.0 port and see if the problem is fixed.

USB ports on computer

Solution 3: Check Your USB Cable

Samsung devices and Smart Switch are particular about the accessories you use with them. If your cable is not genuine, you may experience deteriorated transfer speed and Smart Switch may be stuck at 99% or 0%. Therefore, ensure that you are using the original USB cable for your device. If the one that came in the box is damaged, you can visit the nearest Samsung retail shop and get a new one or order it online from a trusted e-Commerce website.

Andorid USB cable

Solution 4: Check Your Phone Storage

When Smart Switch is stuck at 99%, the problem could also be the storage space on your phone. If there is not enough space for Android to process the transfer, you will see that Smart Switch is taking forever.

You can check the storage status on your Samsung phone by following the instructions given below:

Note: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is used here for demonstration.

  • Tap Settings from the Apps Drawer.
  • Tap Device care.
  • Check the values under the Storage icon at the bottom of the Device care screen.
  • For detailed information, tap Storage.
  • Under the User data section of the Storage screen, check which items are consuming a larger portion of space on your phone.
  • Once this is done, you can go ahead and remove the unwanted files from your smartphone to free up some storage.
Check Samsung Storage

If Samsung Smart Switch Is Stuck at 99% or 0% on Your Phone

Smart Switch is not only restricted to transferring data or managing Samsung devices through PCs but can also be installed on smartphones for phone-to-phone transfers. The significance of the app can be assessed by the fact that most Samsung phones available nowadays have Smart Switch pre-installed in them.

So, if you are using your Samsung smart device and you notice that Smart Switch is taking forever, the following solutions could help you resolve the issue:

Note: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is used to illustrate all the solutions explained below:

Solution 1: Reinstall Smart Switch

Sometimes, Smart Switch gets corrupted due to faulty system files or a malicious script. The best way to fix this problem is by uninstalling the current instance of the app from your phone and obtaining and installing its fresh copy.

You can do these tasks by following the process given below:

To Uninstall Smart Switch

  • Locate the Smart Switch app in the Apps Drawer.
  • Long tap its icon until the context menu appears.
  • Tap Uninstall and follow the instructions from there to remove Smart Switch from your Samsung phone.

To Reinstall Smart Switch

  • Go to Apps Drawer.
  • Launch Play Store.
  • Search for Smart Switch.
  • Tap Install next to the Smart Switch app.
  • Wait while the app is installed on your phone.
  • Check if the Smart Switch taking forever issue is gone.

Solution 2: Check the Wi-Fi

If you prefer using a wireless connection to transfer data via Smart Switch, ensure that your phones are connected to a common, stable, and high-speed Wi-Fi network. You can easily switch your Wi-Fi router by following the instructions given below:

  • Tap Settings from the Apps Drawer.
  • Tap Connections.
  • Tap Wi-Fi.
  • From the Available Networks section, tap the wireless network that you believe is stable and offers high-speed transfers.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password when the phone prompts.
  • Repeat the process on the other phone as well.

Note: As mentioned above, make sure that both source and destination phones share the same wireless network to establish a successful connection between them.

Internet connection

Solution 3: Reboot Your Phones

Sometimes, the issue can be resolved by simply rebooting your source and target phones. When you perform a reboot, all the system files are closed and start afresh, thus eliminating the root cause that was making Smart Switch stuck at 99% or 0%.

The process to reboot your Samsung phone is given below:

  • Swipe the screen from the top to downwards.
  • Tap the Power icon from the top-right corner.
  • Tap Restart.
  • Tap Restart again to restart your phone.
  • Repeat these steps on the other smartphone as well and see if the Samsung Smart Switch taking long time issue is gone.
Turn off Android phone

Solution 4: Check Storage on the Destination Phone

If the destination phone doesn’t have enough room to accommodate new files, you will see that Smart Switch is stuck at 99%. In a nutshell, both source and target smartphones must have sufficient space to process the transfer and accept new items respectively.

With that said, you can follow the procedure given under Solution 4 of the previous section to check free storage and remove unwanted objects from your destination phone.

Check Samsung Storage

2 Alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch

If you find the solutions given above too technical or you notice that Smart Switch is stuck at 99% even after following the procedures, you can try a few alternatives that are suggested below:

Alternative 1: Google Drive

The best way to transfer data from one phone to another without using any third-party app is by uploading files to Google Drive from the source phone, signing in to the same Google account on the destination device, and downloading the files from Google Drive.

For those who are unaware, Google gives 15GB of free storage space via Google Drive to all its account holders. If your data is larger than this figure, you may want to transfer it in multiple sessions or purchase more space from Google.

At the time of this writing, you can buy 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB space on a monthly subscription basis. A quick online search will take you to the correct web portal.

With this approach, you won’t have to tackle the Smart Switch stuck at 99% or 0% issue anymore.

Google Drive

Alternative 2: iMobie AnyDroid

If you want more control over your files and wish to manage your device more efficiently, you can use a third-party app called AnyDroid by iMobie that is designed for the purpose. With iMobie AnyDroid, you can:

  • Transfer data from one Android phone to another, including Samsung phones.
  • Manage media files with the help of the one-click backup feature.
  • Manage all your important data like photos, contacts, messages, etc. easily and efficiently.
  • Transfer data from iPhone/iCloud backup/iTunes backup/iCloud website to an Android phone.
iMobie AnyDroid interface

All in all, a good third-party program can help you get rid of the Smart Switch stuck at 99% or 0% permanently.


Although the solutions given in the first and second sections of this guide are sufficient to eliminate the Smart Switch taking forever issue, if nothing works, you can try alternate remedies. The alternatives suggested in the third section will help you bypass the Smart Switch stuck problem.

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