Recuva vs. EaseUS: Everything You Need to Know

Recuva vs. EaseUS

When data recovery tools are talked about, a few are there that stand up to the mark, and the two among those are considered the most popular. The following sections discuss the comparison between Recuva and EaseUS. Here you will get to know almost everything that you need to know about both these programs such as their features, pricing, reviews, alternatives, etc.

Main Features of Recuva and EaseUS Recovery Tools

As the title suggests, although both applications are used to recover lost or deleted data from your PC, they slightly vary in their performance and the other options that they offer. Some of the most significant and noteworthy features of Recuva and EaseUS are listed below.


  • Recuva can recover pictures, music, documents, video, compressed files, and emails.
  • Recuva can recover data from a media card, iPod, Documents folder, Recycle Bin, and other locations on your computer.
  • The program has an option of deep scan. When checked, it performs a deep scan to recover deleted files that are otherwise hard to get back.
  • Recuva is smart enough to detect and retrieve your important files from damaged disks. This means that you don’t have to rush to a professional technician for the purpose and fear the exposure of your information.
  • It only works on Windows computers.
Recuva interface

EaseUS Data Recovery

  • EaseUS supports recovering data from hard drives, formatted partitions, memory cards, USB drives, and other storage devices, even damaged storage devices.
  • EaseUS supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives and can recover accidentally deleted data from them.
  • EaseUS can recover files from storage devices that have been through a quick or full format with an advanced scan algorithm.
  • Apart from data recovery, EaseUS can also repair videos and photos.
  • EaseUS recovers more than 1000 types of files.
  • With EaseUS, it is even easy to recover data that is lost during Windows updates, clean installation of the OS, interruption while moving the files, etc.
  • It supports both Windows computers and Macs.
EaseUS Home screen

The interface of Recuva looks outdated. EaseUS does better in this aspect and offers more features to improve user experience, such as data filter, pausing or resuming the scanning process, preview feature, and so on.  Moreover, EaseUS organizes the recovered data by location or data types, which is easier for users to find the data they want to recover.


Obviously, a program can be considered good only if it is efficient and reliable, and stays within your budget at the same time. Here is a quick price comparison between Recuva vs. EaseUS.


FreeProfessionalProfessional Bundle
$0.00 USD$19.95 USD$39.95 USD
Advanced File RecoveryAdvanced File RecoveryAdvanced File Recovery
Virtual Hard Drive SupportVirtual Hard Drive Support
Automatic UpdatesAutomatic Updates
Customer Support: PriorityDriver Updater
Customer Support: Priority
CCleaner Professional
Speccy Professional

EaseUS Data Recovery

$0.00 USD$69.95 USD/ Month$299 USD / Year
No RegistrationSingle PC LicenseUnlimited PCs
Preview Lost FilesPreview Lost FilesRecover Unlimited Data
Recover 2GB of dataLost Data RecoveryRemote Recovery Assistance
  Useful for Professional Service Providers

Comparison Results

As far as the efficiency of these two recovery tools is concerned, it can be assessed only by installing and running them on the same drive and scanning the same folder to see how much deleted or lost data they recover. Well, do not worry. Our team has done that for you. We used both tools to scan the Document folder on C: drive. Here’s what we found when comparing Recuva vs. EaseUS.


Recuva guides you through the process of selecting data type and location to recover deleted files. However, although the app detected the lost or deleted files, there were only a few files and some are not recoverable.

Data recovered by Recuva


EaseUS only asks you to select a drive or folder to recover deleted files from. It will scan and detect all types of lost data and existing data. Fortunately, unlike Recuva, the app turned out to be much more efficient. 1798 deleted files and 99999+ files that lost their original names were found after the scanning. However, you may need some time to find the files you want. You can use the filter and the search feature to help you find the files faster.

Data recovered by EaseUS

Reviews on Recuva and EaseUS

Our team checked these two programs on Trustpilot for reviews and here’s what they found:


Unfortunately, Trustpilot has nothing about Recuva. Recuva was developed by Piriform which also has products like CCleaner, CCleaner Browser, Speccy, and so on. Therefore, you can find Recuva at We can check the reviews about CCleaner to know the service and products of the company Piriform. CCleaner has a score of 4.3 based on 16825 reviews.

CCleaner review on Trustpilot


The company itself is enjoying 4.6-star ratings from more than 6.9K reviews on the platform. There are also reviews for other products of EaseUS. However, we can see the quality and service that EaseUS provides. Many people have appreciated their experience with the Customer Support Team, and the way they can go the extra mile to fix the issues that the users face.

EaseUS review on Trustpilot

Final Words

Looking at the big picture while comparing Recuva vs. EaseUS, although the latter may look a bit expensive (if you want to recover data that is more than 2GB, you have to buy a paid version), it appears to be worth every cent that you invest in it. On the other hand, the former, Recuva, might still have to put a lot of effort to catch up.

Alternatives to Recuva and EaseUS

After looking at the comparison between Recuva vs. EaseUS, if you don’t want to use any of the two and wish to know if there are any other alternatives to them, you can check the following list of similar programs.

Wondershare Recoverit 

Developed by one of the most reputed vendors in the IT industry, Recoverit is quite reliable when compared to other such programs. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac platforms and can recover all types of files from different locations and storage devices easily. The free version allows you to recover 100MB of data for free.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This one is probably one of those programs that do all the jobs for free. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recognize and recover as many as 1000+ types of files and 2000+ storage devices. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. The free version supports recovering 100MB of data.

Hetman Partition Recovery

This data recovery tool supports a variety of file systems including exFAT, FAT, NTFS, APFS/HFS+, ReFS, ZFS, etc. This means that regardless of the disk type your data was stored in, Hetman Partition Recovery can easily detect the deleted files and restore them without any hassle. It has no free version.


Although a fair comparison between Recuva vs. EaseUS has been done and discussed in detail in the above sections, you are not bound to go for any of these two data recovery tools. Rather, you may have your perception based on your experience, and you may want to, and of course are free to, choose the software of your preference. However, it is always a good idea to remain open to adopting new tools that hit the market as they might be built using the latest technology, and may work better than the older applications.

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