How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud (FREE Ways Included)

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

While the idea of upgrading to a new iPhone sounds great, a couple of hassles keep several people from turning the thought into action. Although it wouldn’t be possible to cover all the issues under a single title, here you can learn some easy ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, with free ways included.

Even though things might not look straightforward at first, the process of getting the job done is amazingly simple.

With that said, the methods that are given below to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud can help you set up your new smartphone within no time, at least when it comes to backing up and restoring WhatsApp chats.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud for FREE

You can use any of the two methods that are explained under this section to transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone without iCloud free.

Method 1: Export to ZIP and Send via Email

This method explains how to transfer WhatsApp through ZIP and Email.

Step 1: Get to the Chat Settings Screen

On your old iPhone, launch WhatsApp, tap Settings from the bottom-right corner, and tap Chats on the Settings screen.

Step 2: ZIP and Send Chats via Email

On the Chats screen, tap Export Chat, and tap the WhatsApp conversation that you want to transfer. On the next window, tap Mail, pick your email service provider from the next screen, and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone without iCloud for free to your email account.

Export WhatsApp chats from iPhone

Step 3: Access WhatsApp Chats

On your new iPhone, launch Mail (or use Safari) to get to your Inbox, and download and extract the ZIP file to read WhatsApp messages.

Method 2: Transfer Using iTunes Backup

This method explains how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud free using the iTunes backup and restore process:

Step 1: Make iTunes Recognize Your iPhone

Launch iTunes on your PC (a Windows 11 computer is used here for illustrations). Use the lightning cable to connect your old iPhone to any of the USB ports. Wait while iTunes recognizes your iPhone.

Note: You may have to tap Trust on your iPhone when setting up with iTunes for the first time.

Step 2: Back Up Your iPhone

On iTunes, click the iPhone icon from the upper-left area. On the next window, make sure that you are on the Summary page. Click to select This Computer from the Automatically Back Up column under the Backups section, and click Back Up Now from the Manually Back Up and Restore column.

Back up iPhone via iTunes

On the confirmation box, click Don’t Encrypt.

Note: If you’re not upgrading to a new iPhone and want to restore all your sensitive information such as passwords, health details, etc. on the same device, you can safely click Encrypt Backups, and enter a strong password for data protection when iTunes prompts.

Wait while your iPhone is backed up through iTunes along with all your WhatsApp chats. Once the process completes, click Apply on the next box to commit the changes.

Step 3: Restore iPhone Backup

On your new iPhone, go to Settings, tap your name from the top of the screen, tap Find My, and tap Find My iPhone. On the next screen, tap the Find My iPhone switch (if it is turned on), enter your Apple ID’s password, and tap Turn Off from the top-right corner to disable Find My iPhone.

Turn off Find My iPhone

Next, connect the phone to iTunes on your PC, on iTunes, go to the iPhone window, and tap Restore Backup from the Manually Back Up and Restore column. Confirm that your iPhone is selected in the iPhone Name list, click Restore on the Restore From Backup box, enter the password that you set to encrypt the backup, and click OK to restore your old iPhone data to the new one along with all the WhatsApp conversations.

Restore iPhone from iTunes backup

Another Method to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

Besides the above 2 free methods to transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone without iCloud, you can also use a third-party tool to do the job. However, all such tools are paid tools. Don’t close this page when you read this. We will explain why the tools are a good choice.

Is It Worth Using a Paid Tool to transfer WhatsApp?

Honestly speaking, yes, it is. Although free methods (including those which use iCloud) allow you to back up your WhatsApp chats, they come with several limitations.

For instance, if you choose the ZIP and email method, you must transfer the conversations individually. And then too, to add insult to injury, you can only view the messages in a text editor as there is no way to restore those chats to WhatsApp on your new iPhone.

As for the iTunes backup approach, the entire data of your iPhone is backed up on the PC which occupies a considerable amount of space on your local storage. Also, while restoring, along with WhatsApp chats, everything else is restored, which is something that you may not want to do.

Therefore, it would be a wise thing to pick an efficient paid program that can help you get precisely what you’re looking for.


One of the Paid Tools You Can Try

Fortunately, there’s one such reliable tool called MobileTrans developed by Wondershare. The application is available for both Windows and Mac platforms and works as a one-stop shop for all your smartphone needs. In a nutshell, MobileTrans is quite flexible and makes your phone management tasks way simpler as compared to iTunes. You can transfer more than WhatsApp between iPhones and Android phones.

You can learn how to use MobileTrans to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud by following the instructions that are given below:

Step 1: Set Up Your iPhones

After downloading and installing MobileTrans on your PC, launch the program. Connect your old and new iPhones to the computer using their corresponding lightning cables.

Step 2: Prepare iPhones for WhatsApp Transfers

Click WhatsApp Transfer from the MobileTrans main window. When the next screen comes up, check and confirm that the old and new phones are present under the Source iPhone and Destination iPhone sections respectively. (Click Flip if they’re not).

Transfer WhatsApp using MobileTrans

From the list in the middle box, select the entities you want to transfer to your new iPhone.

Step 3: Begin iPhone-to-iPhone WhatsApp Transfer

Click Start from the bottom of the window. On the confirmation box, choose whether you want to keep WhatsApp data on your old iPhone or get rid of it after the transfer process is complete. Click Next to proceed.

Once WhatsApp chats are transferred, click OK on the completion box, disconnect your iPhones from the computer, and start using your new phone with all the WhatsApp messages restored.


Although you can use any of the free methods to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, it is advisable to use an efficient and reliable app like MobileTrans which not only makes the entire process fairly easy but also saves you a lot of time that you can invest on some other, more productive tasks.

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