How to Run Mac Apps on Windows without Virtual Machine

How to Run Mac Apps on Windows without Virtual Machine

To be honest, using virtual machines is the best solution to run Mac apps on Windows and there is no point in you may not want to take that approach. However, if your PC is old and/or doesn’t have the required hardware to support VMs, you might want to learn how to run Mac apps on Windows without a virtual machine.

In the following sections, you will get to know a couple of methods to run DMG files right from your Windows PC. Of course, the processes won’t be straightforward and therefore you are bound to use some workarounds to get the job done.

Method 1: Use TeamViewer

Because there is no other way to run Mac apps on a Windows computer, you must use a remote desktop application to access Mac from your Windows PC and then run the DMG files remotely.

When talking about remote desktop solutions, the first name that strikes to mind is TeamViewer. The tool has been in the market for more than a decade and has the outstanding performance to date.

Ingredients that you need to use TeamViewer include:

  • Access to a Windows computer.
  • Access to a Mac computer (even if it is available at a remote location; may be at your friend’s house).
  • TeamViewer is installed on both Windows and Mac PCs (the application is available for both platforms).
  • Access to a high-speed Internet connection (on both Windows and Mac PCs).
  • Some way to communicate with your friend, probably via text messages or phone calls.

The process of using TeamViewer is explained below:

  • Launch TeamViewer on your Windows PC.
  • Choose your preferred method of execution from the first box.
  • Click Accept – next from the bottom-right corner.
  • Click Yes on the User Account Control confirmation box.
  • Accept the license agreement and click Continue.
  • Call or text your friend and request them to open TeamViewer on their Mac computer as well.
  • Request your friend to share the values present in the Your ID and Password fields in their instance of TeamViewer.
  • Enter those values in the Enter Partner ID field in your copy of TeamViewer.
  • Make sure that the Remote control option is selected.
  • Click Connect.
TeamViewer interface 1

  • Enter the password that you received from your friend.
  • Click Log On to establish a remote desktop connection.
TeamViewer interface 2

  • Allow or deny the permissions that the computers request.
  • Once you see your friend’s Mac desktop on your screen, you can obtain the compatible apps and execute them there.

For Windows users, one of the biggest advantages of using TeamViewer is that you don’t have to install the program if you want to use it once. The installation could be required when you wish to remotely access other computers regularly.

TeamViewer is a good application, alright! However, you can use it for free only for non-commercial purposes. If you want to perform official tasks, you must purchase their license.

Method 2: Use AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a different tool but works on the same principle as TeamViewer, i.e., you enter the unique address of your friend’s instance of AnyDesk to remotely access their Mac. This is another answer to your question about how to run Mac apps on Windows without a virtual machine.

The process of using AnyDesk is explained below:

  • Download and run AnyDesk on your Windows PC.
  • On the first screen, click Install AnyDesk on this device from the Install AnyDesk tile.
Install anydesk 1

  • On the Installation window, choose your preferred options.
  • Click Accept & Install from the bottom-right corner.
Install anydesk 2

  • Follow the on-screen instructions from there to install AnyDesk.
  • Call your friend and request them to do the same on their Mac PC.
    • Note: The procedure to install AnyDesk on Mac is pretty straightforward.
  • Once your friend has installed the program, request them to click Invite via email under the Your Address section in their instance of AnyDesk, and send an invitation with their unique address through email.
  • As you receive the mail, you can follow the instructions from there to initiate a remote connection to the Mac PC.
  • Next, ask your friend to accept your request to access their computer.
  • Once they grant permission, you can obtain and run Mac apps there.

Although using remote desktop applications sounds convenient and fun, they put your computers at risk. This is because anyone with your unique address and password can access your PC and use it for their benefit. With AnyDesk, the procedure is a bit secure as it prompts the target computer for permission before allowing remote access.

To permanently eliminate the above risks, you can either buy a Mac computer or use a completely different workaround that is explained in the following method.

Method 3: Use a Cloud Service

This is comparatively a new concept where some vendors have established the infrastructure in their dedicated premises and are offering access to Mac PCs via Cloud services. The following points explain how the process works:

  • You visit their official website.
  • Create an account.
  • Choose the type of Mac PC you want to use.
  • Pick your subscription plan type.
  • Complete the formalities.
  • Access the Mac remotely to install and run DMG files right from your Windows computer.

Some Cloud services with repute are:

Although this is a convenient and secure way to use Mac on Windows, it has some pros and cons that are listed below:


  • You get full access to the Mac computer where you can install or uninstall compatible apps as needed.
  • You don’t need a dedicated Mac PC.
  • You don’t need to use any third-party tool like TeamViewer or AnyDesk to access a Mac. The only thing that is required is a stable Internet connection and your account details.
  • You can do all your Mac-related tasks from your favorite web browser.


  • You cannot access Mac without a stable and high-speed Internet connection.
  • You must pay for the subscription and the amount varies according to the plan that you choose.
  • Basic subscription plan(s) may not come with root access to the Mac.


The best and most securest way to use Mac on Windows is through a VM. However, if for some reason you don’t want to take that road and wish to learn how to run Mac apps on Windows without a virtual machine, you check the methods given above and pick the one that suits you the most.

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