How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp

Sometimes, you may be contacted by people who you may not want to be contacted on WhatsApp. For example, you may receive spam WhatsApp messages from companies advertising their products. To stop receiving such messages, you can block the contact.

However, if you block a friend for some personal reasons, you might want to know how you can retrieve WhatsApp messages after you have blocked a contact. This article will answer that question and then explain how you can retrieve messages from a blocked WhatsApp contact that have been deleted.

Part 1 – Can I see WhatsApp messages after unblocking?

Unfortunately, NO. When you block a contact on WhatsApp, you will be stopping your WhatsApp from receiving any messages, calls, or media files. Any messages sent by the contact will not be delivered to your inbox. Therefore, you cannot see any messages from a blocked contact once that contact has been blocked because the messages will not be saved on your WhatsApp account or device.

When you unblock the contact, you will still not be able to see any messages that were sent by that contact whilst they were blocked. The same applies to calls, media files, and statuses. However, you can view messages that you have received from that contact before you blocked them.


Part 2 – How to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp

As explained in the above part, when you block a contact on WhatsApp, you cannot see the messages that the contact sends to you after being blocked. Therefore there is no way to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp when the contact is blocked. Since some people will delete the chat history after blocking a contact, in this part, we will tell you how to retrieve the messages you received before the contact is blocked.

Method 1: Check archived messages

If you blocked a WhatsApp contact, it is possible that your chat with that contact was archived. This moves the chat to a different location on WhatsApp but does not delete the chat. Therefore, you should check if the chat is archived before you try any other methods because this is the quickest and easiest method.

  1. Open WhatsApp and find the “Archived” section, above all other chats. If you do not see this section, this means none of your chats have been archived.
  2. Tap on “Archived” and then the chat of the blocked contact.
  3. View the messages. To unarchive the chat, hold on the chat and select the unarchive option, which will have an arrow pointing upwards.

Method 2: Restore to a previous backup

If you have deleted the WhatsApp messages from a blocked contact, you can recover these messages. One way you can do this is by restoring your WhatsApp to a backup you made previously. WhatsApp can be set to back up your chats automatically, and restoring to one of these backups, which had the messages of your blocked contact before they were deleted can restore these messages. Android devices back up WhatsApp chats to Google Drive, whilst iOS devices back up WhatsApp to iCloud. If you have made a backup of your chats recently, or if your device is set to automatically back up WhatsApp, then you can restore from a previous backup.

On Android devices:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your device and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Verify your details by inputting your contact information.
  3. Choose “RESTORE” on the prompt that appears on your screen.
  4. Wait for the messages to be downloaded from the backup onto your WhatsApp account.
Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

On iOS devices:

  1. Ensure the iCloud account that has the WhatsApp backups is logged in on your iPhone.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  3. Enter your contact details until you receive a prompt on your screen asking if you wish to restore from a backup.
  4. Pick “Restore Chat History” and wait.
Restore WhatsApp from iCloud

This will restore the WhatsApp chat to a previous version, which could have the messages that were deleted of a blocked contact.

FAQ: How can I check if I have been blocked on WhatsApp?

You cannot directly tell if a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, there are some signs of you being blocked on WhatsApp by a contact. These include:

  • You cannot see their profile picture when others can.
  • Your messages do not get delivered to the user (remain on one grey tick).
  • You never see the contact’s status updates.
  • Your calls do not go through to the contact.

If other people are not experiencing these signs from a contact, you have likely been blocked on WhatsApp by that contact. However, the only way to confirm is to ask the person who you suspect has blocked you.

Tip: How to block or unblock a contact on WhatsApp

If you are receiving annoying messages on WhatsApp from a contact and would like to block them, you can do so easily. On Android devices:

  1. Open the chat with the contact you would like to block.
  2. Tap on the vertical ellipsis in the right corner of your screen and pick “more”.
  3. Choose “block” and then “block” again.

The method for blocking contacts on iPhones is:

  1. Open the chat with the contact you would like to block and tap on their name or phone number at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose “block contact”.

This will block the contact. To unblock a contact, the method is the same on both iOS and Android devices. This method will also let you view which contacts you have blocked.

  1. On WhatsApp, go to Settings and then pick “Account”.
  2. Choose “Privacy” and then choose “Blocked” on iPhone or “Blocked contacts” on Android phones.
  3. From the list, select the contact you want to unblock and choose “unblock…”.


We hope that you have found this article useful, and it has answered your questions about blocking contacts on WhatsApp. We have many other articles about WhatsApp and how you can solve various problems you may face when using WhatsApp, so make sure you check them out.

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