How Do I Import WhatsApp Chat from Email? Is It Possible?

How to import WhatsApp chat from Email

If you have been using WhatsApp regularly over the past few years, you may have chosen to resort to an alternative backup method as opposed to the first-party backup system WhatsApp has due to the greater control you get. If you create a backup using Google Drive or iCloud, you are not able to see the files or read your chats from those backups unless you restore from them.

However, if you create a backup via email, you will be able to read the chats and view the media from that chat. When you want to switch to a new phone with a different OS, you might be wondering how you can import WhatsApp chat from email, exactly, an email backup with a ZIP file. This article will discuss the possibility of this and then provide you with other information that will be useful to you.

Can I Import WhatsApp Chats from ZIP File?

The short answer to this question is NO. When you export a WhatsApp chat through an email application, if you choose to export media files too, a ZIP file will be attached to the email. The ZIP file (which is a file format used to compress larger folders) includes a text document that contains the text messages sent within the chat you have exported and the media files of that chat. However, WhatsApp cannot import files from these formats directly. Therefore, for a majority of people, it is too much hassle to import WhatsApp chats from a ZIP file.

import WhatsApp chats from ZIP file

Although you can read the chat from the text file directly and view the media files once you have extracted them from the ZIP folder, it is not a good solution for those who wish to transfer your WhatsApp data from an iPhone to an Android device or vice versa. Therefore we would like to introduce a better solution in the next part.

How to Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone

Currently, the best way for you to transfer files between Android and iPhones is to use third-party tools. Here we would like to introduce iTransor for WhatsApp program. It is a tool developed by iMyFone which can be used for managing your WhatsApp account regardless of if you are using iOS or Android. 

Through the program, you can transfer your WhatsApp messages between Android and iOS. You have the option to create backups of your chats (without cloud storage restrictions) and restore them to iPhone or Android devices. You are also offered the option to export your WhatsApp messages and media files in a format as what is on your phone.

The method to use iTransor to transfer files between your Android and iPhone is as follows:

  1. Download and install iTransor for WhatsApp on your PC. Connect your iPhone and Android phone to your PC using their data transfer cables and then launch the iTransor application on your PC.
  2. Click on “Transfer WhatsApp between Devices”. Once your devices appear on your screen, make sure the source and destination devices are correct. The destination device is the one where files will be transferred to and the source is where the files are being transferred from.
  3. Choose the “Transfer” option and follow the on-screen guide to complete the transfer.
Transfer WhatsApp between devices via iTransor

There are many other benefits to iTransor for WhatsApp. One of these benefits is how user-friendly it is. The user interface is designed so that an average user will have no problems navigating the options of this program and using its powerful functions. WhatsApp Business users do not need to worry either since WhatsApp business is also supported by iTransor.

Regarding the backup option, have you ever wondered where your information is being kept when you are using iCloud or Google Drive to back up your WhatsApp files? Do you truly know who has access to these files? When you use iTransor for WhatsApp to create a backup, all your backup files are stored locally, on your own PC’s hard drive. This means that the files are safe and are not being shared with other corporations. It is free to use this program to backup your WhatsApp data.

Hopefully, this guide has answered your question of how you can import WhatsApp chats from email and has provided you with alternative methods that are useful to you. If you found the iTransor for WhatsApp useful, make sure you leave them a review sharing your experiences.

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