[2024] 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Hello Screen

iPhone is stuck on Hello screen

Many users have recently reported that their iPhones are stuck on the Hello screen. This is an issue that is more common on new iPhones that do not have a physical home button. Even iPhone 15 can have this problem. It is an issue that might seem complicated when you first face it but there are many steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

What Causes iPhone to Be Stuck on the Hello Screen?

It is difficult to say what exactly causes an iPhone to be stuck on the hello screen but there are some common reasons. One of these is a software glitch that prevents your iPhone from beginning the setup process. Although iOS is configured excellently and works seamlessly on iPhones, it does sometimes glitch and that could result in your new iPhone being stuck on the hello screen.

One other cause of this issue is an iPhone that has a faulty version of iOS installed on it. This is very rare but does happen. The faulty version of iOS does not allow the user to progress with the setup process.

Another possible cause of your iPhone being stuck on the hello screen is due to an improper installation of an update, even if it is the latest software iOS 17. This article will outline the steps you can take to resolve the issue of your iPhone being stuck on the hello screen.

5 Solutions to iPhone Stuck on Hello Screen

There are some simple solutions that you can try when you get such a problem. The steps are introduced in detail and they are very easy to follow even if you don’t know much about technical things. Let’s get started now.

Solution 1: Force Reboot Device

The first solution you should try if you face this error is to force reboot your iPhone. If your iPhone was stuck on the hello screen due to a software glitch, a force reboot resolves the error in most cases.

The method to force reboot iPhone 8 or later, you will need to:

  1. Hold the volume up key for a few seconds and then release it.
  2. Press the volume down key and then release it quickly.
  3. Press the side button and hold it until the phone reboots.
Force restart iPhone 12

On iPhone 7 and 7s, you will need to simultaneously hold the side button along with the volume down button until the iPhone reboots. Once your iPhone has rebooted, attempt to start the setup process.

Force restart iPhone 7

To force reboot iPhones 6s or older, all you need to do is hold down the power button and home button simultaneously. Wait for your iPhone to power off and then power back on.

Force restart iPhone 6

Solution 2: Reboot iPhone without SIM Card

Your iPhone could be stuck on the hello screen because the SIM card you have put into your iPhone is incompatible with the phone. This could be due to the iPhone being locked to a specific network and the SIM card you have inserted being for a different network.

Therefore, if you have put a SIM card in your iPhone, you can try to remove it and then reboot your iPhone. Use the SIM card tray ejector tool that came with your iPhone to pop out the SIM card tray and then remove your SIM card. Then, put your SIM card tray back into your iPhone and reboot your phone. If your phone does not reboot normally, use the steps outlined in solution 1 to force reboot your iPhone.

iPhone SIM card

Solution 3: Wait for the Battery to Drain

If your iPhone is not restarting when you try the steps listed in solution 1 because your home button is not working when it is stuck on the hello screen, you can wait for the battery on your iPhone to drain and then charge your iPhone. Most new iPhones come charged to around 50% out of the box so you may have to wait for a while before the battery drains. However, once the battery has completely drained, charge your iPhone using the original power brick and cable and allow for the iPhone to charge completely. Then, take your iPhone off charge and try to begin the setup process.

iPhone runs out battery

Solution 4: Restore or Update iPhone via iTunes

Apple allows iPhones to be restored or updated through iTunes when your iPhone is facing an error. Although restoring an iPhone is not an issue if your iPhone is new since you will not lose any data, it could be a problem if your iPhone is stuck on the hello screen after an update to iOS 17 or other versions. Fortunately, sometimes you will be offered an update option when connecting your device to iTunes. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC using its data transfer cable and open iTunes.
  3. Your iPhone will not be recognized when it is stuck on Hello screen. You need to follow the instruction to put your device into recovery mode.
  4. Once your device gets detected by iTunes, you will see the screen shown in the image below. Choose “Update” or “Restore iPhone” and then follow the onscreen instructions to restore or update your iPhone.
Update frozen iPhone through iTunes

Once your iPhone has been updated or restored, it should have removed the faulty version of iOS and replaced it with a functional version, usually the latest version unless it is not compatible with your device. For example, iOS 17 is not supported on the models before iPhone 8, so iTunes will install the latest software that is compatible with your model.

Solution 5: Try a Helpful Tool

The powerful tool we would like to introduce is iMobie AnyFix. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is built with many features.

Why do we recommend this tool? Your iPhone being stuck on Hello screen is mainly caused by software problems or improper installation of iOS. Therefore we talked about the solution of updating or restoring your iPhone using iTunes. However, if iTunes doesn’t solve the problem, AnyFix comes to help.

iMobie AnyFix interface 1

AnyFix is a one-stop solution which can repair your iTunes and iOS with the iTunes Repair and System Repair feature. If iTunes doesn’t get your iPhone to pass the Hello screen, you can use AnyFix to check whether there is any problem with your iTunes and get the problem fixed if it has. If iTunes is good, you can try the 3 modes that System Repair feature offers to fix your iPhone. AnyFix works more smartly than iTunes, so it is very possible that your iPhone won’t be stuck on the Hello screen after being fixed by AnyFix. Here is the guide of how to use AnyFix.

iMobie AnyFix interface 2

Solution 6: Contact Apple

Unfortunately, if the 5 other solutions listed in this article have not worked and your iPhone is still stuck on the hello screen, you should get in touch with Apple, especially if you have just recently purchased your phone. Sometimes this issue is caused by physical damage to the iPhone’s motherboard and unless you are a specialist in iPhone repairs, it is almost impossible for you to repair this. Apple will identify the issue with your iPhone and then solve it, either by fixing your iPhone or replacing it if it is still under warranty. If your iPhone is not under warranty, you can still try to contact Apple so they can guide you with the best way to resolve the issue on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can take your iPhone to an authorized repair center where your iPhone will be inspected and hopefully repaired.

Apple store


This article has listed the best ways for you to repair your iPhone if it is stuck on the hello screen. If the steps in this article have worked, or you have attempted another method that has solved the issue for you, feel free to leave a comment letting us know.

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