5 Ways to Fake Location on Find My Friends/Find My iPhone/Find My

Fake location on Find My Friends

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are useful iOS applications that have many uses. If you are someone who loses your phone often, you may find the Find My Friends or Find My iPhone application very helpful because your friend or family can notify you of where your iPhone is. They could also be used for safety purposes by parents so that they can check their children’s location.

Note: Find My Friends and Find My iPhone have been combined into a single app—Find My, which is available on iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or later.

Can you fake your location on Find My Friends/Find My iPhone/Find My?

However, sometimes, people are forced to share locations on their iPhones when they do not want to so that their location can be checked regularly. If you are in this position, then you might be thinking: “can you fake your location on Find My Friends/iPhone”?

The answer to this question is YES and if would like to know how you can fake your location on Find My Friends/iPhone without jailbreak or without a computer, then this article will show you the best ways you can do this. The methods listed below also work for the Find My.


How to Fake Location on Find My Friends or Find My iPhone

We will introduce 5 methods to spoof location on iPhone. Since some people don’t want to use a computer and some don’t want to jailbreak, we have classified the methods based on different needs.

Fake Find my Friends/iPhone location without jailbreakFake Find My Friends/iPhone location without computer
Method 1Method 1
Method 2Method 2
Method 3Method 3
Method 4Method 5

Method 1: Use a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is a way of you masking your location and your device’s identity. This happens by connecting to a network in a different location. When you are using web services, the web services will communicate with the server as if your device was located at the region of the server. The network you are connected to will then return the results to you which means that your IP address and location can remain hidden.

However, VPNs are a great way to spoof your location. Since the servers for different VPN services are located all over the world, if you were to use a VPN, you would be able to trick Find My Friends and Find My iPhone on your mobile device into thinking you are in a position where you are not.

It is important to use a trusted and well-known VPN service since using some services will result in your data being stolen or shared with third-party companies. Once you have installed a trusted VPN on your iPhone, choose a server in the location you wish to set your Find My Friends location to. Once you are connected to that VPN server, any web service that you use, such as YouTube or Netflix will think you are in that location instead of your actual location. Therefore, when someone checks your location via Find My Friends or Find My iPhone, it will appear as if you were in the position where the server is. This is one method how to spoof your location on the applications.

iPhone VPN

Method 2: Use an Alternative iPhone

Another method you can use to fake your location on Find My Friends is to use a different iPhone. This method is the most reliable since if you have another iPhone (which can be an older and cheaper iPhone) and you install the Find My Friends application on it, you can leave that phone in the location you want to appear as. For example, you can leave the iPhone that has Find My Friends on it at a friend’s house whilst you are elsewhere.

However, a disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to access any messages using the Find My Friends application on your normal iPhone. This means that if someone is attempting to contact you via Find My Friends, you will not be able to see or reply to these messages, which could arouse suspicion. Therefore, it is best to use this method with caution and only if you are confident that you will not be contacted via Find MyFriends.

If you want to fake your location on Find My iPhone, we recommend that you use a different Apple ID on the old iPhone because the location of it will be still shared since Find My iPhone locates all the devices using the same Apple ID.

Set Find My on iPhone

Method 3: Use Gfaker

Gfaker is a physical device that you can connect to your iPhone to spoof your location. This method requires an investment into the device, which can be expensive but if you are willing to purchase the product to fake your location, then this device can be used without jailbreaking your iPhone.

Currently, there are two models of the Gfaker: Gfaker Phantom supports all versions of iOS and the Gfaker Pro works perfectly on iOS 9 to 12. Once you have purchased the Gfaker which is correct for your version of iOS:

  1. Install the “control” application on your iPhone. A link to this will be sent to you via email when you purchase the Gfaker.
  2. Connect the Gfaker to the iPhone via the lightning port and wait until the icon goes blue.
  3. Within the control application, pick the location you want to set your location as, and then tap on the lock button.

You can even use the Gfaker to simulate a route so that it appears as if you are on a journey between two points. The journey can incorporate traffic and varying speeds so that the simulated movement does not look suspicious. You can check more details to spoof Find My Friends or Find My iPhone on their website.

Method 4: Use Software

You can also use third-party software on your computer to change the location of your iPhone or other iOS devices. iMyFone AnyTo is such a program that allows you to change the GPS location on your iPhone and Android device to anywhere in the world. It is compatible with all iOS devices, including those that are running the latest version of iOS so using this program to spoof your location on Find My Friends is simple. AnyTo allows you to change your GPS location in 1 click and the program has multiple features incorporated into it, such as:

  • Two-spot mode – Randomise the movement of your location between two points to simulate a journey between two locations.
  • Multi-spot mode – Simulate your location between multiple points so that your location appears to follow a route you choose. The movement will also be randomized so that it mimics realistic movement.
  • Historical records – If you want to frequently fake your location on Find My Friends to a specific location, you can save spots so that they can be accessed quickly.
  • Affordability – There is a range of plans available for you to use and the lifetime plan is much cheaper than other solutions such as the Gfaker.
  • Simplicity – The program is easy to use so even if you are not experienced in doing things like this, the AnyTo program will let you fake your location easily.

To use iMyFone AnyTo to spoof your location on Find My Friend:

  1. Download, install and launch AnyTo on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using its data transfer cable and unlock your iPhone. Pick “Trust” on your iPhone if presented with the option and re-enter your passcode.
  3. Select the location you want to set your iPhone as by using the map that appears on your computer’s screen.
iMyFone AnyTo

You can also simulate GPS movement on a route and a detailed guide on how to do this can be found on the iMyFone website, along with a guide on how to use the other features on your iPhone. With Anyto, you can fake location on Find My Friends without jailbreak. However, it is paid software. If you like its features, you can have a try. It is only $9.95 per month.

If you are then in a position where you wish to reset your iPhone’s location, simply restart your iPhone.

Method 5: FMFNotifier (Jailbroken iPhones Only)

Jailbreaking iPhones is becoming more difficult as newer versions of iOS are released however if your iPhone is jailbroken, you can use FMFNotifier to spoof your location. To do this:

  1. Install FMFNotifier on your iPhone and open the application.
  2. Enable “location spoofer” and then set your location using one of the labels shown on your screen.

This will set your location to that place, so if you want to change your location to school, you can quickly do so. You will also get a notification whenever anyone checks your location.



This article has shown you the best methods to spoof your location on Find My Friends and Find My iPhone (combined into Find My), but it is necessary to use these steps with caution. For example, if you are spoofing your location and you enter a real emergency, your family and friends will not be able to find out what your actual location is unless you tell them. Spoofing your location has also been shown to put your device at risk to malware and hackers if you use unknown apps. However, if this guide has helped you, feel free to check out the range of other guides we have.

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