How to Export WhatsApp Contacts including Group Contacts

Export WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp is an important means of communication as you can chat with your loved ones, join or even create new groups to chat and interact with more people.  In order to prevent losing your WhatsApp connections, it is very important for you to save your contacts by exporting them to a secure place. This article outlines the methods on how you can export your WhatsApp contacts including group contacts.

How to Export WhatsApp Contacts

The different methods of exporting your WhatsApp contacts depend on your phone model. Exporting contacts in an iPhone might not be the same as exporting contacts on your Android device.

1. Use Export Contacts for WhatsApp (Android)

For this method, you have to visit Google Play on your device and download an application called Export Contacts for WhatsApp. The free version of this application permits you to export only 100 contacts, if you need more than that you have to pay for an advanced version. This method exports chats in a CSV file which can then be converted into various formats you prefer. To use this application:

  • Run the Export Contacts for WhatsApp application on your device.
  • Using your Google account details, sign in to this application.
  • Then click on the Exports Contacts option.
  • You’ll receive a message notifying you that you can only export 100 contacts with the free version and that if you want more you should buy an advanced version.
  • Click Export 100 and the app will take you to the textbook to type in the preferred name of your CSV file.
  • Lastly click on Export to let the app start exporting your contacts.
Export Contacts for WhatsApp app

2. Export WhatsApp contacts using Covve ( iPhone)

This application Covve allows its users to export all their contacts without any problems. To use this app:

  • Download Exports Contacts by Covve at App Store.
  • Install and run the app on your iPhone.
  • Then click on the Gear icon.
  • Click Export and Backups.
  • Tap on Export Contacts.
  • Click on Request Export.
  • Wait for the app to send you your WhatsApp contacts in a CSV file via email.
Export WhatsApp contacts by Covve

How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts

If you want to export your WhatsApp group contacts, then use the following solutions.

1. Use a Chrome extension

Use a third-party extension such as WhatsDownload – WhatsApp groups export, to help you export contacts from your WhatsApp groups to a CSV file. Rest assured that this extension will have no access to your WhatsApp chats as well as contacts. It just saves your contacts locally on the browser until you finish the export process.

To use this application:

  • Install this Chrome extension on your device.
  • Tap to open your preferred WhatsApp group.
  • Tap on the extension icon.
  • Select the file types as well as the phone format shown on the extension window.
  • Tap on the Export option in order to start exporting your group contacts.

2. Use WhatsApp web

For this method,  you have to access WhatsApp on your computer browser.

  • Firstly open Settings on the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Then click on WhatsApp web.
  • Use the mobile camera to scan the QR code on the WhatsApp web on your browser.
  • Select the WhatsApp groups you want to export.
  • To copy your preferred WhatsApp group contacts, go to the Element Section by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+C on the details text.
  • Click on the names to see the HTML division and Span tag together with the contacts details.
  • Right-click on the Span tag and select Copy OuterHtml.
  • Paste this to Notepad in order to edit the text.
  • Export your contacts to Excel.
Export WhatsApp contacts from WhatsApp web

How to Export WhatsApp Contacts including Group Contacts

Use software such as UnicTool ChatMover to help you export all your WhatsApp contacts including group contacts at once.  This software can help you transfer, back up, restore and even to export your WhatsApp data including contacts quickly. It can transfer data between android and iOS devices. It also exports an unlimited number of messages and contacts to html, pdf, csv files. To use this tool:

  • Download and run the software on your computer.
  • Link your phone to your computer using a relevant USB cable.
  • On the application, select a relevant WhatsApp backup file. If you have no backup, you have to make a WhatsApp backup first.
  • Select Export to Computer. Then the program will scan the backup.
  • Preview and choose your preferred WhatsApp contacts before exporting. You can also choose the group contacts.
  • Tap on the Export option to finish extracting your WhatsApp contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are examples of questions that are commonly asked regarding exporting WhatsApp contacts.

1. How to export WhatsApp contacts to Excel

With the method introduced above, your WhatsApp contacts will be exported in a csv format that can be opened in Excel or saved as .xlsx or other Excel formats.

You can either use WhatsApp web or various Chrome extensions to export your WhatsApp contacts to csv.  You can then use excel to open and access this file. You can also convert the csv file to excel by clicking “Save as”.

2. Is it possible to download WhatsApp contacts in vcf file or card?

Based on our tests and research, it is not possible to directly download your WhatsApp contacts in vcf file. In fact, a vcf file is the most commonly used format to store contacts. The vcf file basically saves your contacts in a standard file format that enables other users to share files with each other over different networks.

If you have exported your WhatsApp contacts to a CSV file, you can convert it to vcf format through an online tool like

There are many methods to use when you want to export your WhatsApp contacts. Even though some methods are time-consuming, they are all recommended to help you successfully export your contacts.

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