Dr.Fone vs MobileTrans: Choose Which One?

Dr.Fone vs. MobileTrans

Dr.Fone and MobileTrans are both third-party software apps that can be used to manage your phone data. However, Dr.Fone is more powerful than MobileTrans in terms of the types of features. Both products have their pros and cons. Today we will be reviewing both to see which is the better choice.


The first thing that we will be doing is comparing what each app offers. Below you will see a separate list of features for each individual program. The end decision will be made based on which app offers the best features and has the most advantages.

Key Features of Dr.Fone

  • WhatsApp (and WhatsApp Business) transfer between iPhone and Android.
  • Transfer the common phone data like photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. between phones.
  • Unlock iPhone screen if you forgot your passcode or Face ID.
  • Recover lost data like deleted messages or photos.
  • Back up your phone to your computer to keep safe from software issues.
  • Manage the data on your device.
  • Repair your phone if your phone has any software issues.
  • Erase any unwanted data if you need to make space for more storage.
  • Password Manager for your accounts like social media or email.
  • Fake location on iPhone and Android.
  •  …
Dr.Fone toolkit

Key Features of MobileTrans

  • WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business transfer between iPhone and Android.
  • WhatsApp Business account management.
  • Selectively move data from one device to another or to a PC.
  • Switch from GB WhatsApp to WhatsApp without losing data.
  • LINE transfer, backup, and restore.
  • Kik data transfer to another device and backup to PC.
  • Backup WeChat data to computer and restore to phone.
  • Recover accidentally deleted data from WhatsApp.
  • Transfer data from phone to PC or Mac.
Transfer WhatsApp using MobileTrans

Ease of use

As you can see, both products offer a long list of available features. There are a few features that Dr.Fone offers that MobileTrans doesn’t seem to have like the password manager and system repair feature for corrupted software. It seems like Dr.Fone has everything that MobileTrans has plus a bit more. Both apps are fairly easy to use. They have a simple UI design that is friendly even to beginners and first-time users. They both have simple-to-follow on-screen instructions built into their UI when using any of their features.


Before we compare the prices of the 2 programs, we must remind you that the price may change for campaigns or other reasons. We only talk about the prices we see now, but we will check it regularly to make sure we offer the latest information.

When it comes down to pricing, MobileTrans has more simple pricing options. Dr.Fone has many different toolkits for sale but some of them are priced high like the one for $139.95. However, if you purchase a specific tool inside Dr.Fone, the price is as low as $9.95. With MobileTrans you can pretty much get almost all the backup, restore, and transfer features as the $140 Dr.Fone toolkit for just $39.99. Although, there are a couple of different things that Dr.Fone does have available that MobileTrans doesn’t.

Dr.Fone Toolkits Pricing:

  • Android toolkit at a $79.95 annual plan.
  • IOS toolkit at a $99.95 annual plan.
  • Dr.Fone All in One toolkit at a $139.95 annual plan which comes with both the iOS and Android toolkits.
  • Dr.Fone Data Recovery tool for $39.95 which can be used to recover data from both iOS and Android devices.
  • Dr.Fone Phone Manager tool for $29.95. This one is used to transfer and manage data.
  • Dr.Fone System Repair tool at $39.95 for fixing iOS and Android software issues like being stuck on a boot loop for example.
  • Dr.Fone Phone Backup tool at $19.95 for storing a backup of your device to a PC or Mac.
  • Dr.Fone Data Eraser tool at $14.95 to permanently remove any unwanted data from your iOS or Android device.
  • Dr.Fone Screen Unlock tool at $49.95 which can unlock your phone if you forgot your passcode or swipe pattern.
  • Dr.Fone Whatsapp Transfer tool at $21.95 which can transfer your WhatsApp account data between different devices.
  • Dr.Fone Virtual Location tool at $9.95 can change your iPhone GPS location to anywhere kind of like a VPN would.

As you can see, a lot of the different features offered by some of the kits could be achieved by just purchasing one of the kits. If you want to back up, restore, and transfer data on your devices, you could do many of the things that are offered by many separately sold kits by just purchasing the MobileTrans software.

Overall Thoughts

Of course, your choice will depend on what features you will be needing out of the product but for the most part you can do pretty much anything you need to do with MobileTrans. If there is anything you need access to that MobileTrans doesn’t offer then I advise you to choose the specific kit that offers that feature you need from Dr.Fone so you can save yourself some money.

If you would like to transfer data between phones and have to pick between the two, I would definitely recommend you choose MobileTrans over Dr.Fone because you only need to pay $39.99 to get all the transfer features provided by different kits of Dr.Fone. MobileTrans is mostly an all-in-one program compared to Dr.Fone where you have to buy a bunch of different tools unless you want to spend $140 for the full kit.  

Actually, both programs are developed by Wondershare which is a famous software and application development company. We tested both of them and they are safe to use. So, what it really all comes down to is whether or not you can do everything you need to do with just the features offered by MobileTrans. If MobileTrans has all the features you need, then it’s the best choice between the two, mainly for price and also for the fact that it’s an all-in-one program.

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