After Deleting WhatsApp Account Can I Recover Messages

After deleting WhatsApp account can I recover messages

Read through this article to get more information on how you can recover your messages after deleting your WhatsApp account.

1. After deleting WhatsApp account can I recover messages?

No, you can not recover your messages after you delete your account, but you can see the chats through the method in the next section. Your WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted,  as such you cannot recover them from anywhere after you delete your account. Below is a list of the outcomes of deleting your WhatsApp account:

  • Your number is removed from WhatsApp groups and your WhatsApp account.
  • All your WhatsApp chat history and Google Drive backup will be erased.
  • You cannot restore your messages from backup after deleting your WhatsApp account.
  • Even if you activate the number again after deleting your account, you won’t have access to your old messages.
  • Your information will be theoretically deleted from the WhatsApp database.

2. The only method to get back the messages

Ask your friends to send you the chat history through email. This is because they can still view and read your chat history with them even after you delete your WhatsApp account. But they will not be able to text you on WhatsApp as they will only see the invite button whenever they try to send you messages.

The problem with this arrangement of receiving WhatsApp chat history via email is that your friends won’t be able to send data that is more than 20MB at once via email. So they will have to send smaller pieces of your chats history and this is very time-consuming.

Here is how to do it. Ask your friend to open WhatsApp Settings > Export Chat, click your name, then choose “Attach Media” or “Without Media”, and select your email to send the ZIP file to you.

Export WhatsApp chats from iPhone

3. If you deleted WhatsApp messages instead of the account

If you only deleted your WhatsApp messages instead of the entire account,  then it’s possible for you to recover your WhatsApp chat history.  You can recover it from a backup or by using a third-party tool.

Recover deleted WhatsApp chats from Google drive

For Android users, if you have activated Google Drive as your backup method under your WhatsApp settings, then you can use it to restore your deleted messages.  To restore deleted messages via Google Drive:   

  • Firstly uninstall WhatsApp from your device.
  • Then download and reinstall WhatsApp to your device.
  • Use the same phone number you used before to log in.
  • You will then receive a prompt asking if you want to restore chats from a previous backup file on Google Drive.
  • Click on Restore and then wait for everything from your recent backup to be restored back to your device.
Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

Recover WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup

iOS users can recover their lost messages via iCloud backup. However, you will need to have a recent backup of all your WhatsApp data because this method will uninstall your WhatsApp and erase the existing chats on your device. To restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall WhatsApp from the App Store.
  • Login with the same phone number.
  • After you activate your WhatsApp account, you will see the option of restoring WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup.
  • Click Restore Chat History and wait for the restoration to finish.
Restore WhatsApp from iCloud

Use a third-party tool to recover your messages

You can use third-party apps such as Wondershare Dr.Fone to help you recover your WhatsApp data. But please note that data recovery tools are usually paid tools.

  • Link your iPhone with your computer using an original Apple USB cable.
  • Run the recovery tool on your computer.
  • Click on Data Recovery.
  • This recovery tool will then recognize your iPhone.
  • Choose the data type WhatsApp & Attachments and tap on Scan to allow the program to scan your device.
  • Preview and restore the Scanned data.
  • Tap on the Recover button to finish recovering your data to your device.
Data types can be recovered from iPhone using Dr.Fone

It is very important for you to constantly make use of backup options in order to save your important information and messages. If you want to take a temporary break from WhatsApp, it’s important for you to uninstall WhatsApp rather than deleting the entire account. It is easier to restore messages after reinstalling WhatsApp than after deleting the WhatsApp account.

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